A great day to end the week!

Today we started at Jameson Square and took some time to puzzle over what the park represented. Finally, we concluded that it represented Oregon! The sandy part of the park represented Eastern Oregon, while the rock wall and water gushing out of it represented the Cascades. I believe that the water that pooled up at the base of the wall represented the river, where it changed in size as the amount of water flowing into it increased or decreased to represent the changing seasons.

Then we met with Patrick Sweeney and his colleague Mark (I don’t remember his last name). They gave us a lot of great information about the Pearl District and mentioned affordable housing, and that Portland has much smaller blocks than many other cities in America and that we are wasting space that we could be using for more housing (at least Mark thinks so). These are just a few of the many interesting things that we learned from Patrick and Mark. We took the Streetcar down to southern Portland where we were on Tuesday and looked more at the older buildings built in the 50’s and 60’s.

We stopped for lunch where we dispersed to find food. A group of us attempted to find a Subway by searching for it on google map and we set a course for ourselves. We followed it to our destination, however we were rather disappointed with what we saw: we ran into a Streetcar, which the phone thought was a Subway (in transportation terms) apparently…

Then we met with Susan Anderson who is the director of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. They gave us a lot of great information on how they went about making a plan and the difficult process of researching facts and then asking the public for their own opinions. They even gave us blue lunch bags with little helpful tips on how to be more sustainable and cut back on waste!

After that we were let lose to find our way home from a different part of town!


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