Sera Architects and Meeting the Mayor!

We started today at Sera Architects, where we mainly talked about one of their currents projects, the Oregon Sustainability Center. First we were given a tour of their offices, and learned about the steps they take at work to keep it LEED certified. They showed us how their office spaces are open to everyone, so they can successfully collaborate on projects. We also learned about how their light fixtures help to save energy. Then we went back to the conference room, and we watched a slideshow about the Oregon Sustainability Center, and the process it takes to create a project like it. When it’s finished, it will be the largest green building of its kind, attempting to create most of the energy it consumes. Wow! We then split into two groups and had lunch at two different parks (my group went to Pioneer Courthouse Square), and observed how the space is used and why it is an effective area. After that, we headed back to Ladd Tower and listened as Jessica Marlitt taught us about Portland’s government, and the structure of it. This prepared us for our last activity of the day- meeting with our mayor, Sam Adams! We talked to him about his goals for the city, and his views on a variety of topics such as urban renewal and gang violence, just to name a few. It was really interesting! We even became ‘infamous’ when one of us accidentally set off the panic button in the conference room… oops. Must have served as a good laugh for someone. What and exciting end to a great day!


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