History and Trimet

Well, today’s sun was unexpected but welcome for the majority of us, no? Portland weather continues to surprise. We saw an interesting slideshow to begin with, walked around at a sedate pace seeing the historical aspects of our city’s architecture including several concrete parks and some fountains, and then we had a leisurely lunch where we sketched and observed various parks. (Personally, my favorite part of the history tour was when we ended at the museum and speculated over the old style bike.) My own group returned to the Keller Fountain, where a surprising number of people in swimsuits lounged in the water. Returning to home base, our second guest of the day taught us more about the TriMet system, and we ended early whereupon many of our number (myself included) descended upon the Lucky Yogurt shop. All in all, good day; tomorrow we compile our creed and do other things.


South Auditorium Walking Tour

Hey everybody,

This blog will be the place where we can stay connected and share information when we’re not in class. I’ll administrate, but you’ll all become “authors” so you can post assignments and/or other things you want to share with the group (an interesting article? a photo?). Post away!