Our First Big Break…

For the past couple of weeks, we have been traveling around Portland, and learning as much as we can about urban planning and what we can do as students. We’ve also met with officials of the city who have given us insight as to what we can accomplish and how to accomplish it. Now, we are moving on to our next phase of our program. We are now working with our client, Debbie Bischoff, and the Hollywood Neighborhood Association. As a group, we have two sites for which we are planning and designing a park. The hope is to have the park become a community gathering point for people in the Hollywood District.

The last couple of days we have kicked off our project, which is in a fledgling state. We have people laying down the basics and getting a foundation started for what is going to be a great park plan. At this point in time, we still have a lot to research. We’re fine tuning our survey for the residents of Hollywood, as well as doing more research about the area and what has already been determined needs to be done. As well, we have people working on building a sketch-up design of the area already, and what we hope it will look like. Overall, we’re making a base for what we can work off of as we continue down this path. Hopefully, it all goes well!