First client visit

This morning we walked from the Concordia neighborhood over to Cully neighborhood for our first client meeting. These two neighborhoods are very different. The Cully neighborhood’s sidewalks were in worse shape than Concordia’s, for example, and We also noticed a lot more multi-family housing. Trinity Lutheran School, our project site, is located in the Cully neighborhood. We met with Mary Schuldheisz, the principal of the school and she shared some of her ideas about the park they would like to see in the front of their property. She would like us to design a playground for young children with some educational components, but also include elements for older kids like small bike path. AFter taking some notes, we took bus 72 and then bus 8 back to our site, which took a while. After lunch, we made some initial designs of our ideal park in small groups park based on what we heard from Mary. The four groups sketched very different parks, but they all had some things in common (like a water feature!).

– Perla and Alex


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