Architecture and worker productivity

This was an interesting day for the PLACE crew. When we arrived at the LADD tower, the crew sat down and discussed the geography of Portland, contemplating the effects of different inner-city features such as the carcinogenic fumes that radiate from the highway into adjacent neighborhoods.

After our discussion concerning such geographical structures and their effects, the crew headed over to the new home base of ŒVestas¹; one of the world¹s leading pioneers in wind power research. We spoke for an hour or so about the installation of wind turbines and the pros and cons of said installation. We also watched a video about how the turbines connect to the power grid and how they are constructed. After the discussion, the crew received a tour of the Vestas building and proceeded to meet Damin Tarlow: Vice President of architecture firm Girding Eidland, who spoke about the planning of the building and how the natural lighting, highvceilings, spacious offices, etc. contribute to the general productivity of the workers despite being more expensive to construct.

One of the most important pieces of advice that the PLACE crew walked away with from Damin was the fact that the general public doesn¹t know what they want! We could survey as many people as we want, but Damin suggested that many of the results we received would be self-contradictory, confusing and ultimately useless. After the conference with Damin, the PLACE crew proceeded to head over to the food carts where we received some delicious meals and sat down to eat in O’Bryant Square.”

– Tapwe

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