Surveying and organizing

Yesterday we started at Metro and listened to Katherine Harrington talk to us about what she did for Metro and the general idea of Metro. I found it interesting and I learned a lot about Metro that I didn’t know before. She talked to us about parks and green spaces in the Portland Metro area. After we met with Katherine, we took the bus out the project site to get another look at it and start surveying. We broke up into groups of two and began to walk west on Killingsworth. We were all on one side of the street and we knocked on almost every door from Trinity to NE 33rd. We got to talk to some interesting people and we got to get an idea of what the community wanted in a local park. Tapwe and I came across one person that only spoke Spanish and being the one in our group that knew Spanish it allowed me to practice my language skills in a way I don’t normally do. We stopped at New Seasons and Hot Lips Pizza for lunch and a break and then went out for a bit more surveying to wrap up the day. Overall it was great!

– Jill

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