Day 11: Wednesday, July 10th

On Wednesday, we had the opportunity to meet with George’s friend from grad-school and employee of the bicycle-advocate firm Alta, Matt Berkow.  Alta has been active in the implementation of bike-share programs across the country, including the very recent New York City bike-share.  After the case study, literature analysis, survey, and interview groups shared with him our findings and conclusions, Matt worked with us to further understand the necessities of a bike-friendly green-way.  We dabbled in a little social psychology when addressing the use and treatment of bikes in bike-share programs, and learned from it social habits and trends to consider on our project.  In response to our presentations, Matt was able to both give immediate feedback, and identify useful resources for further research.

In the afternoon, we took the streetcar to Jamison Square where we surveyed pedestrians park-goers in an attempt to gauge the community’s opinion on the implementation of a greenway.  Breaking off into pairs, we spent the rest of the day collecting information around our project site  on the value of parking, controlled traffic, and bicycles, among other things.



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