PLACE 2014: A New Beginning

What makes an outdoor space “work?”

What difference does it make if there are windows facing a plaza or not?

How do we understand civic engagement?

What’s your favorite snack?

The new 2014 PLACE team tackled these and other questions today, kicking off four weeks of learning and working together. We’re already building our knowledge of urban planning dynamics, and also strengthening skills for leadership and effective teamwork.

Participants Illustrate Observation Map

Our group of 21 participants and 2 instructors will work together to understand elements of urban design, real estate development, public health, gentrification, civic engagement, sustainability, and then some. By mid-July, we will have created recommendations for the SE Powell Blvd. streetscape and future transit stops, drawing on both our deep personal knowledge of what makes a city work for everyday people, and the skills we develop along the way.

In the coming weeks, you’ll see posts and pictures from all our participants, documenting our process; check in with us soon!


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