Charley: A New Way of Thinking and Analyzing

Yesterday employed me with a new way of thinking and analyzing, one I had never before recognized.  It was the way of determining if a space was successful or not; the idea that a public area could fail to accomplish its goal.

Participants present their charette results

Experiencing a Charette with the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability

Today we furthered this way of thinking more specifically in our visit to the Bureau of Planning & Sustainability (BPS) in SW Portland.  After a lengthy talk we were presented with a few issues of the downtown Portland waterfront area: rising heat, inability to access the river, and lack of attraction to beautiful waterfront blocks.  Using a map and tracing paper we focused on specific details to help fix the issues presented.  Ideas included a Washington Park to Waterfront Park transit (zipline?), residential buildings on Natio Pkwy, and more specific details such as removing trees, adding sidewalks, and installing bike racks.  It interested all of us, how these very small details can determine the success or failure of a space.


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