Emma H: First Two Legitimate Meetings!

Today we had our first two legitimate meetings. The first meeting was with the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability. During this meeting I started to get more of a sense of how long these processes take. However this concept was hard to completely grasp until we learned about the Central City 2035 plan. This plan consists of the planning of three (not four) sections of the city. When the name of this plan was announced I was sure I had heard the year wrong. They are close to finishing two thirds of the entire thing yet they are still forecasting this plan not to be implemented until 2035. The second place we visited was the Portland Development Commission. Although the speaker spoke very fast I was still very interested in what she was saying and wish I had been able to understand it better. She talked about urban renewal and explained it, unfortunately not quite enough for me. However, she gave us a handout of her powerpoint which I have found very helpful to refer to. Hopefully we will have a chance to talk more about this concept together as a group. All-in-all I feel that today was a rather successful day and I am super stoked for our client meeting tomorrow!


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