Alex: Project Goals and Goose Hollow Family Shelter

We spent this morning discussing the scope, importance, and goals of the upcoming project on Powell, as well as the historical background of roadways in America and their tendency to displace ethnic minorities and cut through low-income neighborhoods.  I feel like these two activities turned out to be very successful (despite the excitement of the U.S. World Cup Soccer game occurring simultaneously!).  Defining our project, in particular, went very well.  Everyone participated and involved themselves in ensuring that the wording of the project statement was to a standard that our clients would approve of.

After lunch, we visited the Goose Hollow Family Shelter.  This turned out to be one of my favorite activities I’ve done at PLACE thus far, as I found myself inspired by the work this organization has been doing.  It doesn’t sound easy, but these people are improving the lives of so many families that need the help.  It hit close to home for me because this shelter is located extremely close to Lincoln High School, where I go to school.  Due to the importance of its work and the close proximity to where I live and go to school, I could definitely see myself volunteering for this organization in the future.

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