Emma M: A Great Way to Kick Off Our Project

Today we began with a scavenger hunt which led us up down and around the streets of downtown. Although my group got off to a rough start, we quickly grasped our bearings and began to work together to succeed in finishing (last) (but with memories to last a lifetime). The scavenger hunt not only entertained us, but encouraged us to notice elements of our city I had never given much thought to before. For example, the abandoned theater across from Director Park had never crossed my mind before, but today, with “abandoned theater” being a subject for bonus points, I noticed its presence and the aesthetic it added to the park. Instead of being disheartening, it added to the street’s history and nicely contrasted the modern architecture and art of the park with a more rustic feel of the theater.

After lunch, we had our first client meeting. Our morning of experiencing firsthand the pleasant and not-so-pleasant elements of our city’s downtown prepared us nicely for synthesizing a proposed project in which our job is to increase the livability and pleasant attributes of a certain stretch of land. I think I can speak for the whole group when I say today was a great way to kick off our project!


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