Soha: Urban Trends and Project Definition

Today we started the day with a much-needed game of Ninja. Our energy was down and we were preoccupied by the soccer game between the U.S. and Germany. The game of Ninja boosted our energy, woke us up, and got us all excited for the rest of the day. We then talked about urbanization, suburbanization, and livability. We learned that cities were historically densely populated, and places which had minimal regulations about construction and maintenance. This created a place that many wanted to escape. As people left the city to settle elsewhere, away from the disarray of the city, suburbanization started to be marketed to the privileged. Those that had money were able to buy new houses, while those less privileged were forced to stay within the city where housing was cheaper. As a group we then discussed urbanization and the negative effects it had on the poor in the city. The less fortunate were negatively impacted, and displaced, because of the new construction the government authorized in places that were considered blight.
After learning more about how cities were created through urbanization we focused on the project we have been assigned by BPS. We needed to come up with one sentence for what the project is, one for what is important, and one for what the goal is. Though this task seemed simple we spent a lot of time editing and rewording the sentences to show our client that we understand what is being asked of us in a clear and concise manner. After working on these sentences, first individually, then in groups, and then all together, we came up with a rough draft of these sentences.
The last part of the day was spent in Portland Homeless Family Solutions. We learned about the programs they offer there to homeless families. They help eight families at a time and provide them a place to stay for the night. They provide food, classes on how to eat healthy, how to budget their money, and much more. The organization is very focused on making sure that families feel assisted and gather knowledge that will help them long term. We were given a tour of the facility. The volunteer director was very kind and did a great job telling us about the organization and answering all of our questions.
The day was fun, we learned a lot, and we made progress on our project. Overall it was a successful day.


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