Connor: All in it Together

After a week of doing PLACE, the thing that has stuck with me the most is the level of intention that goes into every tiny detail of our, and all, cities. From big picture things like the planning work done at BPS to the actual design work done at ZGF.
2014-06-27 12.18.06 2014-06-27 10.21.14 2014-06-27 12.04.28 2014-06-27 11.24.05
At ZGF Friday, (that swanky architecture firm in the building that also has the best donuts in Portland, Blue Star) they talked a lot about how when they build a building, they not only think about how their building will look and feel, but also how it will interact and connect with the neighboring buildings. This idea that, ‘we are all in it together’, if you will, relates to how BPS looks at cities and how all forward-thinking urban planers and designers are thinking. The theme that a city should be cohesive and work together, having the buildings complement the spaces and vise-versa. These are ideas I took away from this first week and and are ideas and concepts to consider as we transition into more more on our project out on Powell.

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