Brennan: Deliberation and Debate: Boons of having An Engaged Team

Today, we spent much of our time discussing the research we completed in our small groups over the weekend. This was the first time we actually began any written development of the project and it was great to see how much every member of the group had to our discussion and research. In the case study group, the group I am in, we were able to collaborate through Google Docs, which allows us to all simultaneously work on a document. When we had to present the information we had already had the chance to critique each other’s work so our small group was well prepared when we had to present to larger group.

When all the groups reconnected at PLACE today, we had the chance to all put forth our own input on the group survey, which we will conduct with the residents of the Powell area. We had a great discussion over the relevance of the survey questions, and everybody was able to make their opinion known. It was a great example of synergy as a team and I feel that our group was able to successfully share our ideas in a discussion setting. This skill will hopefully allow us to communicate well with the City Council when we present our ideas to them.


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