Soha: Deliberating Over Designs

Today we started to create potential designs for the ODOT parcels. In order to do this, we recalled the lessons we had learned from professionals last week, and analyzed responses from our survey on Powell. Using this information, we created a list of broad categories in which our designs needed to fall, and criteria that should be kept in mind throughout the rest of our designing process. While designing transit stops, and redesigning the parcels, the most common mistake we caught ourselves making was asking ourselves, “What do we want to put here?” I learned that we should, more often, be asking ourselves, “What did the community that lives around Powell desire?”

When speaking to those at BPS, equity and eco-friendliness were two aspects that stood out and quickly became criteria for the designs of the ODOT parcels. It was interesting to me that two ideas, which I felt were crucial to creating a space that would truly be for the community of Powell, could be so easily forgotten. Making sure that the parcels were eco-friendly was an aspect that I did not remember at first when designing a green space in the place of a parcel. Soon, aspects of the design as small as the street lamps became opportunities to be sustainable. Equity was also easily forgotten, but after learning about displacement it was important to take a step back, no matter how far along in the design process, to make sure that equity was being addressed.

Today was a great day to get preliminary designs onto paper, and to share them with each other. We are now ready to start creating our final designs we will be able to recommend to City Council, and BPS.




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