Brennan: The Final Stretch

Today was the last full day we had to make any final changes before sending our presentation to the city council clerk. Over the past couple of days our group had accomplished an incredible amount of work; however, there was still much to be done. At the start of the day, we felt a little overwhelmed at the amount of work we still had left to accomplish. Nevertheless, we went into the day’s work with a strong head of steam.  


We were able to run through our presentation as a group for the first time and it actually was quite well done. This was the first time in PLACE history that we had the chance to present to The City Council, so getting the presentation just right was even more nerve wracking for the presenters than usual. As well, we worked on combining all of our draft SketchUp parcels and transit designs into one video. This was a difficult task since not one of us had ever made a sketch up video before. The recording took a couple of botched attempts, but by the end of the day we had a video, which we were all happy with.


As our day drew to a close there was still much work to be done. Many PLACE students spent time after the normal hours of our day were over to keep working. We were aided by the fact that we received an extension of our deadline to the next day. I hope that we will be able to put one last large effort of work into our project to bring it through the final stretch


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