Claire: The finish line is up ahead!

Wow. Today was, by far, our most productive day yet. As I mentioned in my last blog post over a week ago, I am uber impressed by the work ethic and dedicated by my fellow PLACErs. Together, especially today, we accomplished a lot. Arriving at 9 am sharp this morning and having no presentation, I thought it was utterly impossible to create our presentation for city council by 3pm. But guess what? We did. Not only did we make the presentation, but we nearly finished our now 37 page final document that we only started 4 days ago. The things that we have accomplished are unbelievable. I know we are all experiencing the most contradictory moods, hating/loving all the stress, excited for/dreading our early morning presentation tomorrow. Even if the run through of our presentation of this afternoon wasn’t….as awesome as it could be…I have complete faith in the presentation group to rock it tomorrow.

Line of students on computers and consulting one anothersketch of street patterns2014-07-15 11.11.466 students stand talking around one computer


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