Jacob: Expectations

When I first started PLACE this summer, I had a certain expectation of what was going to happen: some boring walks through downtown, and a sort of cool project that I might have a little bit of fun doing. But after these four weeks, I can honestly say that I have enjoyed this program much more then I was expecting. With exciting trips through downtown and a fun scavenger hunt (thanks Tabs). I have enjoyed working on this project (although it was hard for me most mornings to get up out of bed). Although I felt that some days were a tad bit boring, I thought that how the group came together and really worked our butts off down the stretch was really impressive. Also the way in which we worked so hard in all of our individual groups and then put together a great presentation showed just how dedicated this group was to really “wowing” BPS and City Council. As well as just being downright dedicated to the process of learning about what happens in downtown Portland.

I had a really fun time learning the ins and outs of Powell, and what goes into something that seems so small, like a few transit stops and maybe a park. But doing this program really gave me new and added perspective on just how much work, thought, and consideration goes into everything in our city, and in our world. This program has truly opened my eyes for the better, and now I have the greatest understanding of my city that any kid my age could ask for.


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