Last Day: 2014 Summer Program

The PLACE summer program for 2014 ended with a tour of a new development, and a special announcement about future opportunities with PLACE!

The 2014 team has successfully presented an array of rich information and ideas to Portland City Council and the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability to utilize the turnouts on SE Powell, and is taking away skills for managing projects, leading teams, and engaging with their communities for positive change. Students have learned about equity issues in the city, patterns of gentrification and urban renewal, and strategies for improving community engagement. As PLACE becomes part of a new community, we hope to see even more opportunities for local youth to engage and lead their communities.

To the 21 students who put in all the hard work this summer, taking the initiative to set up interviews, asking people on the street for their opinions, researching case studies of BRT and uses of marginal land parcels, designing layouts and figuring out street designs, and putting all of this together: YOU ALL ROCK! –Tab


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