Day 1: Privilege by Tyler

Walked into a room, filled with experiences which failed to be as diverse as the city it was built on. The anxiety that filled a boy, 14-years of age, subsided and turned into excitement. Surprised to see that the struggles of children better off than himself, resembled the same if not worse than himself. One lessoned learned right there; your socio-economic situation does not describe your emotional state. They were all privileged, despite all of the struggles, strengths and weaknesses, told through the “icebreaker.” Privileged to be in each other’s company, in the company of a talented woman, fueled by racial adversity throughout her life as a colored speck in a sea of white and in the company of a man, crafted by morality from his mother’s success overcoming the  difficulty to maintain a stable home. Privileged to open up so early, to learn from one another’s from the time they stepped into the air conditioned room to the time the exited into the sun scorched city that was waiting patiently to foster these youth to serve it. Privileged to receive such an experienced to foster, healthy leaders, ready to lead in any and every field they entered. Privileged to breakdown stereotypes of what it means to be young or a girl or black or Jewish or rich or multiethnic. They were privileged to be there and it reflected in every plan that mapped from mapping parks to mapping who they were to mapping whom they wished to become. The excitement quickly became anxiety again, anxious to be a leader concerned with their Instagram likes and what Taylor Swift just said on Twitter.


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