Day 3: Trimet & Tilikum Crossing- Marley

We started the day meeting with Kate from TriMet. Learning about the history of TriMet is important in understanding youth- friendly public spaces because not only does public transport enhance accessibility to young people but it will increase the livability and development surrounding TriMet. Incorporating TriMet into our idea’s for youth-friendly spaces will be important to expanding the audiences we can reach. The easier it is to get somewhere, the more likely it is you’re going to go there.
After our meeting with Kate, we went across the Tillikum Crossing – first bridge of its kind in the US! I read an interview with Dan Blocher, the executive director of TriMet. He discussed that the bridge was less innovative in design than in the concept of Portlander’s green influence. The bridge is a product of the Portland environment, and with such progressive clients for our project I think we can be success in starting conversations about youth involvement in public planning.

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