Day 4: BPS by Mark

Today was our first day meeting with our clients: the Portland Bureau of Planning and Sustainability or the BPS. We arrived at the BPS headquarters on 4th avenue and met first with the executive director for the BPS for 15 minutes, and then talked to Radcliffe Dacanay. Radcliffe was such a cool guy; not quite six foot, but a big personality. He spoke with us about the project he was working on: The Powell/Division Rapid Transit Project.

Part of the reason Radcliffe’s presentation was so interesting to me was because I live in the Richmond/Clinton neighborhood and therefore the busses I use for transit are the 4 and the 9, both of which are hopefully to be made more efficient via the Powell Division Transit Project Radcliffe was telling us about. He also spoke about the re-development of the Division neighborhood past 82nd Ave, and the Jade district. This was also very interesting to me because I am quite interested in gentrification, and historical renovation of neighborhoods, and its effects on the colored and lower class communities in Portland. The potential plans for the area take into account the currents community’s hopes and priorities while incorporating them with urban renewal and making the area more desirable for residents and businesses. This is intriguing because the number of consequences this project faces if anything goes to far, could be catastrophic for the current neighborhoods and communities in the area continuing Portland unjust history of gentrification and community relocation.

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