Day 8 -by Mira

We had yet another educational and passionate day at PLACE today. Starting off, each person further learned about themselves and their ability to work in a group through color personality testing. I found out a lot about myself and now have a better understanding of the people in our group. I found it especially interesting to notice the way in which each group was sitting at their table. Every group seemed to have the same sitting position which was interesting. I personally had a hard time choosing one color to fully represent my personality. It seemed like I needed a whole new color with bits and pieces of all the other colors- I guess that would be brown. I think overall though, each person found a color to represent them. Qiddist then talked about identity. Identity, she explained, is an important part of leadership. The most powerful thing she talked about was the story where she humbled herself when working for the labor unions in Chicago. I think this conversation made a lot of people look deeper into what defines them as a person. I know I did. We also talked about privilege, realizing it is important to acknowledge it.

After, we filled out a goals and objectives sheet together, finally nailing down exactly what our project will focus on. I feel a lot more confident in the project, as there is concrete plans for the group. We had a nice lunch in the sun. Some groups I over heard discussing passionately discussing politics.  To finish the day, Lou from the Portland Development Commission came in and lead what quickly became a heated, yet necessary conversation about the growth of the city’s GDP verses the growth of the gap between the rich and the poor. The conversation could’ve gone on forever! Tyler mostly spoke for the group, eloquently bringing up the injustices the PDC supports. Then of course, another day ended in a discussion of gentrification!

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