Personalities & Portland Development Commission -By Kyle

We started off the day with a discussion, and than test on our personality types, and leadership styles. This test was especially interesting for me, because as I went through the test I thought that I came to a consensus that I had a certain leadership style, but when I looked into the characteristics of that type of person I realized that I could not relate to any of them, but when I read the characteristics of a green person it was almost uncanny how much I related to these characteristics. For me this test was almost a battle between who I want to be, and who I truly am, and for this test although I wanted to be an truly I could not relate to that group at all.

We finished the day off with Lou Bowers, a retired worker for the PDC, and our was one of my favorite of the year. When Lou told us that the PDC’s main goal is to create a higher GDP, by creating more high skill jobs, many of my peers thought this meant a conscious discrimination of minority, and low income families, and the following discussions was one of the most heated of our short time at place. I thought both the points brought up by my fellow peers and Lou were really interesting, and I am honestly excited for more discussions like that in the future.

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