THA Visit -By Ben

Thursday was the most exciting and overall best day of PLACE so far, at least in my opinion. The day was interactive and engaging and it was nice to, again, work on solving a specific and realistic problem as with the role play. We had the great opportunity to visit THA Architecture and worked on arranging buildings and park space in an empty block, which is a development currently under construction in NE Portland and will be the home of the PLACE center upon its completion. We were given an open paper map of the block and paper representations of the buildings being built on the property to rearrange. We were given freedom to chop up the buildings, the only limitations being the shape and area of the property and the areas of the three buildings as well as access points for emergency vehicles, room for the storage of 200 bikes and some landscaping/park features. It was interesting to see the designs other groups came up with as well as the final design that is being built. In the group of which I was a member, we decided that rectangular shapes were too boring and were much more liberal with the arrangement of the buildings. It was interesting to be in an actual Architecture firm and also a great opportunity to ask questions about how a professional architecture firm operates. These included what software they use to some of what the design process is like.

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