Day 2 “Differences Between Districts” – By Layton

Today was awesome! We began the day with a scavenger-hunt around the downtown Portland area and my group was told to start with the Pearl District. As we made our way to The Pearl by a Trimet bus, I was caught off guard by the vast differences between the PSU blocks and the Pearl District. I have spent a lot of time in both areas before, but have never noticed their differences until now. To me, The Pearl seemed more alive. There were beautiful flowers and bushes lining the sidewalks, the parks were comparatively well maintained, and the storefronts were lively and approachable. The Pearl District even smelled better, though this is probably because of the PSU area’s close proximity to the freeway. Before today, these two areas were mushed together in my brain. But now I know of their differences, and I understand how they both uniquely benefit the Portland community. I can’t wait to learn more about our city!

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