Day 3 “Meeting With Mercy Corps” – By Amelia

Today was pretty incredible! We spent the whole day at Mercy Corps where we worked with Beth to work out some of the details of our project. We had the chance to walk around the center and figure out for our selves what Mercy Corps does and how they go about doing it. Then we got to dance and say our names which was just as cheesy as it sounds. We then got the chance to debrief what we had found out by walking around the center. After that we did this incredible activity where everyone was doing a role play of living a life without electricity and what that meant for each individual family.




Having done the camp at Mercy Corps last summer and the exact role play already, I was in charge of manning the water station. Then came the exciting part! Beth explained to us what she was looking for us to do in terms of this project. She explained the goals that Mercy Corps set, and the goals that she wanted us to achieve. After lunch we did a great workshop with Emily where she helped us to make connections between theater and our  current systems.


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