Day 5 “Love is the Key” – By Aliya

Today my peers and I had the opportunity to meet and listen to the amazing independent rapper, Majestique. Through his words of wisdom and passion for his work, he talked to us about the importance of music and how you can express yourself in any way through it. Majestique emphasized how influential the music industry is on the youth today and how many popular artists and songs spread the wrong messages in our society, which can contribute to the many problems our community faces.
Today it is the younger generations that have the power to facilitate change and influence the future of our society, however without the right guidance and people to look up to, it can be difficult to build a strong community that emphasizes good morals. Personally I was very inspired by this message for I am very passionate about music and often times look to it for inspiration, however it was very interesting to realize how music can truly dictate the actions of the people in my community.
Majestique then rapped some of his original songs in including my personal favorite “Love is Key.” Though these pieces Majestique truly expressed his emotion and feelings towards many of the problems that Portland faces. It was really an eye opening experience to see how an artists can really express their thoughts through music. 

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