Day 5 “This is the PLACE I Call Home” – Aaliyah

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You’re 16, a women, and black. You live in Portland, OR.  While living here you’ve grown accustom to you overpriced coffee, underground bands, and the thought that Converses in any condition are “so rad”. But under all the thriving small business’, TV shows, and yes tiny houses too is the what makes this PLACE home.
The art of expression. Expressing ones ideas of why Bernie Sanders is honestly the answer to all ones dreams and wishes; to more touchy topics such as gentrification and the misunderstanding of America’s strong Black Women. This PLACE won’t be what it is without these ideas. As well as without the people who form these ideas: The Majestics, Peter Myers’, Ashley Akerberg’s, and Tyler White’s.

This PLACE we call home is one hell of a PLACE. (And a hell of a expensive one too.) But this-this is home. Home smaller, yet bigger than just where the Blazers play and “oh it rains a lot there”. No this Portland! Home to families who are willing to express their radical ideas as well, Whatever those ideas may be. This PLACE, this PLACE we call home is Portland