Day 6 “Learning how to Build a Perfect Community” – By Eddie


Today was a very interesting day. At first, in the morning, we met at the Hackers architecture firm and learned about the lonely park block right in that building’s backyard. We split into groups and only had thirty minutes to reconstruct this block to make it a more vibrant destination for the city. Many groups came up with good ideas such as putting a sky bridge over Burnside to make it easy to get to and painting a big mural on the AT&T building next door.

After walking to mercy corps (each group had a different route), we began a very cool role play. Each different group in the role had a certain amount of power and resources to build a “perfect community”. The role play showed that the groups with less power and resources had an extremely difficult time building these communities while the groups with more power could build effortlessly. This role play connected to our project because all groups will have a say.

One thought on “Day 6 “Learning how to Build a Perfect Community” – By Eddie

  1. It was great to have you guys in the office and learn what it is we architects do as well as generate some great ideas about a space at a social crossroads .
    Pleasure having you all!


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