Day 8 “Exploring Graphic Design”- By Nina

28141532356_893896b3aa_zIn what I hope isn’t going to become the norm, we began yet another day with the discussion of a tragic event that had occurred the evening before. It feels as though the frequency of deadly conflicts between citizens and police is increasing, and although that feeling may be due in part to sensationalism by the media, it’s sobering to be confronted by yet another incident of racial tensions leading to such overt violence.
After we talked about the Dallas sniper attack, a visiting group of professionals from the US Department of Fish and Wildlife rotated us through three stations. In each one we learned about different mediums (stop-motion film, 2D artwork, infographics, etc.) that we can potentially use when creating resources for our Mercy Corps project, the overarching theme being to know one’s audience. A particularly interesting principle that we learned about was KISS (keep it simple, stupid), which is a guideline we’ll likely follow when trying to make earthquake preparedness information easily digestible for Portland youth.
In the last few hours of the day we got into our research groups and worked on the client project. A visiting PLACE alumni provided lunch time inspiration with talk of his accomplishments and current involvements, and we finally wrapped up with an overview of our weekend goals for the project. With just nine days left in the program, I’m looking forward to seeing how we manage to successfully complete this before the deadline.

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