Day 8 “Multimedia Storytelling” – By Louis


Today, we had the honor of learning how to tell a story using multiple media sources from the US Department of Fish and Wildlife. We first analyzed techniques from youtube videos that successfully got their message across. One of the videos used a plain book and wrote/drew images and phrases in each page to get their message across. This method kept my attention as each page not only had extremely simple images and phrases but had a new way of putting those images and phrases on the page.

Another video we analyzed was what we believed to be a hardcore outdoor video. We looked at how this video targeted a specific group of audience (hardcore outdoor people) and questioned how we would target our audience, teenagers. In the group I was in, we concluded that teenagers valued their social life thus a video that depicted friends and family would be most impactful to our targeted audience.
We also took a look at how to tell a story and convey a message through an image. One of the images that really stuck with me was an image with the year the individual in the image was born, next to the year (implied) that that individual would die which was covered by a seatbelt.
During lunch, we were visited by a PLACE alumni who showed us his project and work. His project was a website that told multiple people’s stories. The dedication and passion that he showed towards this website was astounding. Even though the way his website told stories was vastly different from the examples from the US Department of Fish and Wildlife, I believe that his website’s message came through just as loud and just as clear.


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