Day 10 “Appreciation” – By Daisy

28165906991_a86a7c9945_zToday, we started out the day with a conversation about interacting with people in a friendly, and professional manner. This led to a review of the survey, in which we were able to draw some loose conclusions on the data collected so far. We weren’t all that surprised by some of the answers, especially to the question of preparedness for the earthquake.

Personally, I am very glad that we have the chance to do this project, because it’s a very important issue to address. Taking a break from the project, we took a look at an example for the Art For Change project- River by Leon Bridges. The video, paired with the music, was a very touching experience, and was a very powerful statement. After, Amelia gave a presentation of poem she had written about the homeless population in Portland, and her relationship and attitude with/towards them. We then split into smallish groups and traveled to different areas throughout the city where teens might be, and had them take the survey through a physical copy.

My group biked down to the Lloyd center mall, but we didn’t really find any youth there at all. We headed on to Benson, and got a couple surveys filled out there before we biked the 2 miles to Grant, not knowing another group had already been there. We did get 1 or 2 surveys from people that were missed, but had to hurry back at about 12:40. It was a little disheartening to know that some of the data was lost because surveys were incomplete, but the numbers ticked up to 200 responses on the online survey alone.

Lastly, there was a circle of appreciation, and a lot of people made some comments that really resonated with the group. We really have become a team, and it’s nice to have a space to be so open in about our thoughts and feelings, so thank you to all of you for participating in this program and putting forth your efforts, and really wanting to be here. Thank you most of all to George, whom without, this program wouldn’t be possible.


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