Day 10 “Findings Made Through Community Outreach ” – By Brogan


Today I worked hands on by passing out surveys at Grant High School. The purpose was to fulfill the duty of getting data, which was later analyzed. Something I observed throughout the process was the variety of people that I met and made conversation with.

The majority of the masses were Caucasian males between the ages 13-15, and although a lot of them came from different backgrounds, their data trended in the same direction. Most of them knew about the great earthquake, but little to none knew how to prepare when it actually arrives, which personally seemed troubling.

What I can conclude from this is that it highlights the need for education and awareness around preparation for natural disaster among the youth, and families. In addition the boys who fell on the younger side of the age scale felt they were too young to take action, which is false communication. I think it is important to continue spreading word of the great quake, and making it clear that all ages are old enough to participate.


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