Day 9 “Project Time!” – By Mason

We started out the day by finalizing the survey we were planning on sending out at the end of the day. We talked about how we can improve our questions to get the best data possible. We decided on a few types of questions that we would then put on the survey. After coming up with survey strategies we split into our separate groups and began to work on the project.
    I am a part of the group assigned to collect expert interviews, so when we split into groups we began to reach out to more “experts”. Last weekend for homework we all emailed one expert to try and set up an interview time with them sometime this week. A few of us had received emails with days and times that would work to do phone interviews while others had to dig further to reach there experts. In my case I emailed the president of Jefferson High School asking to set up a quick interview sometime this week, but he responded saying the Vice Principle would be better suited for this interview. After sending a few emails we had an interview set up for 11:30 that day. In this interview we talked to Desiree Williams from BPS and asked her a wide variety about her work and how we could model her work in our project. Desiree’s work focuses on Equity and she talked to us about incorporating equity in our project. This was a very interesting interview for our group and it highlighted the significance of incorporating a wide range of youth in portland In our project.
    After lunch, we were convened as a group and played the game “Spent.” Spent is a fascinating game that is used as a tool to replicate and put into perspective the struggles that families living paycheck to paycheck go through everyday. In this game you start with 1000 dollars and have to be able to survive a month and at the end pay that months rent on your house. This game really highlights the everyday complications there people have to go through in all aspects of there life. The questions that I found the most interesting were the ones that made me question my moral compass, an example of this is the question that said something along the lines of, “You slid off the road and hit a car you can either A. Pay 500 dollars to have the persons car fixed or B. drive off and pay nothing.” This question was very intriguing to me because it put me in a tough situation rather to do that morally correct thing and pay for the car or drive off in save my money. It was these types of questions that really made me think about the struggles people living in poverty go through daily.
    Overall today my group made solid progress on our part of the project and I learned a ton more about the struggles of living in poverty.

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