Day 11 “Headed in the Right Direction” – By Sophie

28272483146_3972b67f61_bToday, after we presented on our research around youth involvement in the upcoming Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake, we talked about the next step in our project: What will our resource(s) be? We agreed to focus on three main goals for our final resource. We will educate and prepare youth, while making it easy and accessible for youth to take action in their own communities. Keeping these goals in mind, we presented different ideas in small groups.

In the end, we unanimously agreed on the same strategy for our final project. We want to create a network of clubs from different high schools in the Portland Metro area. These clubs will work with Mercy Corps and NET teams to educate, prepare, and inspire other youth to take action and become involved. Within these clubs, different tools can be made and used to educate youth and get them involved, such as websites, games, videos and/or quizzes.

With this strategy and these tools, we will address the needs of our client, Mercy Corps, by allowing youth from around the city to be involved in earthquake preparedness, take action and have their voices be heard, while also giving youth an opportunity to become better educated on the earthquake and more prepared.

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