Day 11 “Surveys, Searching, Sprinting, Oh My!” – By Solomon

28011424110_07a533ef6c_hFull of excitement, flocks of PLACEers boarded TriMet and sped towards downtown and across the East Side. Arriving in Pioneer Square, my group promptly pulled out our phones, searching for Pokémon while we looked for fellow teenagers to ask them to answer our carefully curated survey.

The survey consisted of questions about their knowledge and preparedness regarding the impending Cascadia Subduction Zone Earthquake. We searched through the city, running into friends and strangers, sprinting to transfer from the MAX to a nearby bus as it pulled out of its stop. We made it back to the CENTER and reflected on what we had seen. We received over 350 responses from teens in Portland in only a few days!

Over 50% of our surveyed individuals do not feel prepared for the earthquake! It’s time for us to get cracking on some solutions!


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