Day 12 “Mayor Hales and Project Work” – By Carmen

28314500151_8cc88143b3_b.jpgWe started off the day in front of City Hall in downtown Portland.  After everyone had gathered, we set off to the nearest park where George had us stand in different groups to represent the three different aspects of our project: education, preparation, and inspire to action. After we finished our visual representation of our project goals, we headed up to a meeting room where Mayor Hales.

We presented our project to Mr. Hales and he was very excited about this idea!  He then answered our questions about his journey to becoming a mayor and what he does on a daily basis.  He explained to us that he was not a very ‘political’ person, but rather just a guy who really felt a need to make a change in his community.

After our meeting with Mr. Hales, we ate lunch and walked over to the PSU Urban Building to split into our project groups and start working!  With everyone working hard the time flew by and soon PLACE was over for a three day weekend. George instructed us all to come back Monday with everything finished for the editing process.  Hopefully we will finish on time with a good product to present to Mercy Corps!

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