Day 15 “Manageability and Meetings” – By Reid

28395292191_4d6d6f7c30_oTo start the day we got into groups and worked on creating the products and presentation for Mercy Corps. It was a daunting task to start but having broken it down into smaller groups it became a lot more manageable. I spent the morning with the products group where we focused on creating helpful tools and visuals such as a website and handout in order to engage the audience of our presentation.

After lunch, we sat down with our state representative Earl Blumenauer. This was one of my favorite things we’ve gotten to do in PLACE because we were able to have an interesting and organic discussion with an important political figure rather than just a one sided Q and A. Specifically this discussion was around voting rights, such as how young people should be allowed to vote, the possibility of a test deciding whether or not you are qualified to vote, and the relationship between a citizens right to vote and their duties to their country. It was a pleasure to meet Mr. Blumenauer and I’m so thankful to PLACE for giving me this experience.

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