Day 16 “Final Presentation” – By Nic


Today was the culmination of our PLACE careers, today was presentation day. As everybody shuffled in, the mood in the air was somewhat tense, everyone’s minds were set on executing with perfection. Chatter of the previous night of long work was abundant and it brought many ideas of change to the table. One by one each idea was addressed and the presentation continued to morph.

Finally, when the entire presentation group arrived, a practice presentation commenced. After each person presented their part, suggestions were made and adaptation was necessary. Having such little time, everyone frantically made finishing touches to our presentation.

After a brief lunch break, the entire group convened back into the room full of all kind of emotion. Some were excited and some were nervous. As the ever so underwhelming number of Mercy Corps staff took their seats our minds cleared and everyone was ready to do their part.

When we were doneabsolutely killing our presentation, the entire group of students joined their peers in the spotlight. Question after question from the audience members, the group answered with great professionalism and our high level of knowledge and dedication was validated. Despite the redundant questioning from some listeners, our points and ideas were put on the table and they were not going to be ignored.

Following the presentation, the audience moved out and we had a quick meeting with Beth from Mercy Corps. The discussion displayed the high level of impression that we made yet showed us pushback we hadn’t really expected. As our time culminated, the whole group knew that for change and progress to happen, our continued dedication and passion for the subject would be needed.

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