Day 16 “Presentation Day!” – By David


Finally, after a really short month of learning about the city, researching, and cobbling together our ideas to make a product, today was presentation. I was part of the presentation group, so I arrived at the Mercy Corps Action Center at 9:00 so we could practice our presentation since we hadn’t the day before. Doing our very first dry run just hours before we had to present was something familiar to me, so I was confident in the team to make an amazing presentation. Afterwards, we had a two-hour break before the presentation started. About half an hour before the presentation, when people started to show up, I began to feel slightly nervous, wondering if I should have practiced more.

When the time came to present, Beth, the Mercy Corp employee we worked with and George introduced us to a group of about 25 people. During the presentation, the audience seemed very engaged and interested in our project. After the presentation, there was also a Q&A session which our group handled very well, being able to answer all of the questions confidently.

Overall, I thought we gave an excellent presentation! Beth repeatedly said she was blown away with our work. Looking back on the month, as cliché as it sounds the journey was really the reward in the end. Everything I had learned walking around Portland, doing research about the earthquake, and working together with the group taught me so much. I’m very grateful for this entire experience and hope to be able to apply these skills to my future work.

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