Day 1: New Terms/New Friends by Andre

After a week of introductions over multiple emails, we finally got to put faces to the names. Today was the first day of the Place Summer Program, and we already learned a lot. We are all from different perspectives, we all have different stories to share with the world, and this program is the perfect place to express and share our stories. 

Screen Shot 2017-07-07 at 1.11.04 PM

Arriving at the Center, you get a warm welcome from the people there. You are respected, appreciated, and valued. Then comes the icebreakers. we get split into pairs, and George asked us questions about ourselves that we would have to answer with our partner. Then, the pairs will introduce each other to the group. We then went on a walk with another partner in a direction that was given to that pair: North, East, South, and West. And during that walk, the pair would have to find all of five things in the area: path, district, node, landmark, and edge. Then we got to eat lunch with our partner. When we got back, we watched a video of cities around the world and how they created or improved the cities in such a short amount of time. We then, got to create a layout of a city ourselves. We ended the day by gathering in a circle and sharing what we learned to the group.

One day down, a lot more to go! Already I have made friendships with my fellow peers. And it’s an honor to be able to spend time with these amazing people that I want to connect more with.