Day 2: We need to use our voice! by Karina

Today at PLACE we started off our day in Downtown Portland in the front of the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability, once everyone arrived we talked in a circle and went around saying how we were feeling today. I honestly did not know how I felt about the day and decided to pass on that question. We paired off in two groups of three and one of four students to start a scavenger hunt around the Downtown area. I was nervous because I was going to talk to people I had never met before, but as we started I felt more comfortable because my teammates were really cool and nice people. Doing the scavenger hunt was a good way to bond and talk to the other students, it was also a great opportunity to be able to learn about the history of many great places in Portland such as the the Tom McCall Waterfront, The Pearl district and more.

Later we me met up in the Bureau of Planning and Sustainability with the rest of the students. We were presented with a presentation about the Climate Action Plan that Bill Beamer presented to all the students. Which is a road map to cut 80% of our carbon footprint by 2050 in Portland. I learned that it takes a lot of effort and other people to contribute to the change to  be able to see anything change in our community. After all today I felt that youth and others need to speak on topics such as decisions others make that affect our environment because those decisions are very important and could drastically change anyone’s community. It is important for us to use our voice and speak our truth for the people around us to hear. As a community we need to take care of our earth because it’s the only one we have. At the end of the day I felt full of happiness and excitement from the things that we will be learning in the next three weeks in PLACE.

Screen Shot 2018-07-06 at 10.28.47 AM

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